I want to start by saying that the three greatest gifts in my life are by far my children. They are an amazing gift I was given and am beyond grateful for them everyday.
That being said it has been four months today that I have lived without my baby. I can’t even imagine four seconds, and it’s been four whole months. This is just beyond any rational thought I could ever have.
During this time people have asked me what I need. Some have even commented on my strength. Do I get through a day? Absolutely. But I assure you I fall apart a lot. Am I afraid to show it? Absolutely not. I love Melina with my whole being. I have no shame in the amount of love I have but grief is a horrible emotion. It leaves you numb when you don’t want to be. Sometimes I can’t breath just looking at a Starbucks napkin. You just never know. I can say there hasn’t been one day that I haven’t lost my breathe realizing she isn’t here.
Over the last four months I have recognized how hard it is to say anything to me. People have said they don’t know what to say. Trust me there are no words. Melina was my baby, my crazy hair, always moving, competitive and happy baby. And you know the greatest gift you can give a grieving mom? To talk about her. Please don’t avoid the coversation with me or a stranger. The greatest gift now is to hear about her. No matter how sad I am. I LOVE to talk about my Melina. I LOVE to hear of her joy. And I laugh out loud at her stubbornness. But a mother’s greatest fear, at least mine, is that your child gets forgotten. And she was much to precious and powerful for that.
So today please share her name. Share her stories with someone. Just share her because that is the greatest gift you could ever give. Today remind someone to Choose Joy because a beautiful little girl named Melina deserves it 💛💚🌈