The Diagnosis

For the last two weeks I have done nothing but pray for miracles. For the first time yesterday I stopped and realized god already gave me three of them. We learned yesterday that god has greater plans for one of them. Melina has a very aggressive brain tumor that we will only be able to treat for a short period of time. And while I have a million questions I don’t have time for those. For now we chose to love and we chose to live. We chose to cherish every moment of everyday whatever that looks like. There are decisions we will make along the way but we will always chose what is best for Melina. And I get to be her mom for the rest of my life.

I ask everyone that knows us and knows her to chose joy. Because that is Melina. She is our brilliance, our sparkle, and our star. We chose to have joy surround her everyday of her life. I will not let there be tears around her or her sisters because they deserve the best time they can have. I ask for smiles and hugs. I ask for “Cheeto” print and laughs. There will be time to grieve and time to answer all the tortuous questions I have, but I will have a lifetime for that. And right now she deserves more.

There is no manual to navigate this road. There are no instructions and there is no right or wrong. I pray that no family ever has to experience this pain. And I know in my heart you learn during these times and I chose to love and forever leave my judgement at the door. No one holds the answers all the time and what works for one family might not work for another. We do not have room for any other opinions or judgements of our choices. We just ask for your continued love, joy and unconditional support. And I ask that you realize that we are blessed with the greatest gifts god could give us, Klara, Emilea and Melina. ❤️❤️❤️