We started a new journey today, but held true to who we are in the process. We knew this week would be hard to accept as our new normal, and this process is so much greater than us. But we made a choice. We woke up and we chose love, we chose life, and we chose joy. Because those are choices we can make everyday. Melina chose Starbucks.

We were supposed to have our annual beach vacation, but due to Melina’s quick decline, it was in her best interest to begin treatment now. Keith and I knew she needed time, devotion, love and attention. However, we also knew Klara and Emilea needed life, love and joy. So as challenging as it was for our family, who just wants to be here endlessly, we decided it was best to divide and conquer. For those who know my family, you know we are big—we talk big, we walk big, and we LOVE big. So Keith and I asked them to take the girls to the beach. For those that know my mom she is still right here.

Klara and Emmie needed big JOY, as they are trying to grasp what is hurting their sister. So this week Klara and Emilea get waves, sand and joy! Melina gets love, relief, and endless attention. We all get to pray and we all get to play. So for all of you following our sweet Melina and supporting our family during this tremendously difficult time—We have started our journey of our new normal for the next six weeks. I ask that for the next six weeks, you choose joy everyday, for our sweet Melina. Know that this diagnosis has caused us more pain than I can express, but we need to know that no matter what, Melina and her joy will always win Xoxo ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

**She was a rockstar today and placed her Starbucks order for the ride home 💚🥰**